Assessment & Evaluation

Business case analysis, analysis of alternatives, course of action evaluation, and other decision support services and models.


Forge Forward facilitates decision support through our extensive assessment, evaluation, and modeling capabilities. This includes business case analysis, analysis of alternatives, course of action evaluation, and other decision support services and models. Forge Forward provides technical and subject matter expertise combined with our facilitation, engineering, and modeling a complete end-to-end analysis of concepts and courses of action. Forge Forward experts deliver the results our customers need to make critical decisions in resource constrained operational environments.


Forge Forward provides the full spectrum of cost estimation, modeling, life cycle support, and total cost of ownership analysis. Based on the program or select alternatives, Forge experts integrate the initial and baseline costs and analysis into an overall framework assessing and refining supportability objectives and life-cycle costs. This includes using a mix of analogy and parametric approaches depending on the specific system type and known variables. Forge applies and calculates net-present value and related outcome measures, as well as determining real and nominal values to determine purchasing power.


Forge Forward’s operational effectiveness models discern the capabilities and operational viability of proposed solution approaches. This is a hierarchical collection of metrics that define the capabilities required for mission success based on the operational scenario and supporting vignettes. It is against these metrics that the proposed architecture alternatives are evaluated to determine the highest performing option. Forge Forward modelers measure the operational suitability and quantify the effectiveness of architecture alternatives. With this modeling, Forge experts provide additional risk evaluation and apply stakeholder agreed upon factors for a range of effectiveness based on assumptions, available technology, and performance criteria.

Success Stories

Forge led a Business Case Analysis (BCA) identifying operational and financial efficiencies to consolidate and integrate U.S. Navy Network Operational Centers (NOC) tactical capabilities. This resulted in DON CIO and OPNAV N2N6 decisions and over $34M in efficiencies while maximizing operational capabilities. One decision was the integration of Military Sealift Command (MSC) NOCs with the rest of the tactical U.S. Navy increasing operational security, effectiveness, and interoperability.

Forge developed a Cloud as a Service application hosting pricing model for worldwide tactical users. This pricing model defines cost reimbursement rate cards between military activities while maximizing capabilities through the integration into a global tactical application hosting environment.

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